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New Highways is an eclectic collection of loops that will suit a wide range of genres. Ranging from lofi electronica to club ready pumping techno, New Highways offers high quality loops and drum kits in WAV format as well as MIDI files. The library draws inspiration from artists like Boards Of Canada, Lone, Koda Triangle, Coppice Halifax, LFO and Techno Animals. New Highways is instant inspiration and originality for an affordable price.



Bass Loops (7)
Breaks (37)
Drum Kits (7)
Groove Kits (11)
MIDI Loops (22)
Music Loops (35)
One Shots (2)

Total: 294 files

The wav files ranges from 16 bits to 24 bits, mono and stereo (mostly stereo). All the sound samples are royalty free.

Practically giving this away for only £1.99 - Don’t miss it :)

Answer 97673268943:

I just purchased PSI Vibraphone for Kontakt. It shows up under "files", but not under "library". Is there a way to fix this? Thank you.


Unfortunately PSI Vibraphone is not able to be added to the libraries tab within Kontakt but it can be added to the Quick Load section for easy access - If you have any more questions please email support@sampleism.com Thanks

Video 94760544028:

Here’s a little noodly piece showcasing just 1 preset from our forthcoming Kontakt Synth ‘The Pentagon’

The patch is called Wonderful 101 and is just one of hundreds of presets we are creating. We thought this one had a particularly beautiful and warm sound and wanted to quickly capture it.

Answer 93310245758:

Hi, is the JD850 and Virologic compatible with Logic 10 and OS Mavericks and 64bit? Thx. Keith

Hi - they are compatible with any OS and platform as long as you have a full working version of Kontakt 5 they will load. Cheers

Answer 93209084688:

I bought the bandoneon. I remember the developer saying that he would improve the controller aspect in the near future. Could you refer this to Guillermo to see if any progress is being made on this. Thanks Geoff

Hi - Thanks for the message.  Are you referring to the keyswitching aspect of the instrument?  As far as I know, the instrument has not been updated as yet, probably mainly due to time-constraints.  I’ll try and find out what plans are in the pipeline.  Cheers

Video 92726864923:

A little teaser video for a forthcoming instrument ‘The Pentagon’.  This video shows the Key FX function - a revolutionary real-time performance tool. Key FX is just one of the many new features being developed into this synth for Kontakt. Coming Soon!

Photo 92515315498:

We are very excited about the forthcoming release from CL Projects.

The Saffron Bass Synthesizer
The Triode Lead Synthesizer
The Padawan Pad Synthesizer.

Photo 91164213963:


The osculating circle at a point on a moving sine wave. This is the circle that best approximates the curve at the point. [more] [code]


The osculating circle at a point on a moving sine wave. This is the circle that best approximates the curve at the point. [more] [code]

Answer 89349965923:

I believe I have a log in ( I have purchased before and I am subscribed with an email), however all I can find is the social network log in. I can not find a means of logging in with my email account, and I would like to download the free mellotron for kontakt and try it out. ?


We don’t have the ability to login using an email and password combo at the moment so I can only assume you used a social ID in the past or simply passed through checkout anonymously.

If you send an email to support (@) sampleism.com I can assist you further.

The Sampleism Team