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Coming Soon to Sampleism - Vinyl Toolkit for Kontakt :)

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please keep me informed once the JD-850 library gets available ! holy shit ! the demo sounds just awesome ! very well done indeed !

Sure thing!

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A short piece that uses nothing but free instruments from sampleism.com by Kurt Landre. Kind of a fun little “chase cue”. It features mainly CryptoCipher’s “Jal Tarang Pad” and the “Double-Sided Hand Drum” patches, but also the “Ocean Harp” and “LS Percussion” by Pingu and LS Samples, respectively.

Get ‘em for free from Sampleism.com if you don’t already have them!


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Take a listen to these wonderful new drum demos for Alive Underground Drums V2 - Just released for Kontakt V4.2.3 on Sampleism - http://www.sampleism.com/nicolas-signat/alive-underground-drums

Developed for Kontakt 4+, Alive Underground Drums brings 3 high-end drum kits (Gretsch New Classic, Sonor 3007, Ludwig Legacy) with 9 great snares and a host of the finest cymbals on the market, all recorded in a huge underground car park in high definition (88,2 kHz 24 bit stereo) with a Rode NT4 and a Nagra LB recorder.

Its unique sonority will truly brings character to your music. Alive Underground Drums is very different from all the virtual drums you’ve known.

For more informations please visit the product page here : http://www.sampleism.com/nicolas-signat/alive-underground-drums

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Hi guys, I have bought many sample sets from your wonderful resource site - I appear to be spending all my time getting NI Kontakt to work... can you tell me is there a way of suing the sample libraries in K4 without the constant demo time out ? I have been looking to buy K5 but it is a boxed only 2-3 week waiting time which doesn't fix my problems when I need to get working making music. Thanks in advance - Paul Rooney

Hey Paul.  Thanks for the comment. Any 3rd party instrument will run in Demo mode if you are using the free Kontakt Player.  If you have the full retail version of Kontakt this limitation will not apply.  I’m sorry but there is no way around this until you have the complete version of Kontakt I’m afraid.